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Citicore Solar Cebu

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Technical Description

Location Barangay Talavera, Toledo City, Cebu Province
Service Contract

Citicore Solar Toledo

60 MW Solar Power Generation (for 25 Years)

Grid Visayas
Transmission Line c.420 m; 69 kV
Installed Capacity 60.0 MWdc

Schneider Electric 550 - 800V DC – 380V AC, 1040A

72 Inverters

COD 30 June 2016
Design Life 30 years
EPC Contractor(s) MCC
O&M Contractor(s) CPI
Grid Connections Connection point to the NGCP grid through the 69 kV Calulng-Calulng substation​



PV Module Description

No. of modules 193,440
Manufacturer BYD and Renesola 
Model 310
Cell Type Polycrystalline Silicon
Peak Power Output 310Wp
Module Efficiency 15.98/16.00%
Power Tolerance 0/+5Wp
Temp Coefficient -0.43% and -0.4%/°C


  • Each PV table is designed to have 2 rows of 20 PV modules each with 2.0 m row-to-row distance to enhance efficiency of the overall PV array​
  • Tier 1 rated and internally accredited and approved PV module suppliers were chosen based on bankability, warranty and availability of modules​

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